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We accept VISA! We accept Master Card!
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Quality:Rank: 10.00


  Easycall   Time: 790 Minutes
  Price: US$ 10.20   
  Save: US$ 1.80   
  Best rate call to China, good for cell phone user,
   Rechargeable, Pinless
   1 Minute Rounding
   Optical Fiber Quaility
   180days after the first usage
   Toll Free Access Number:
   Out Of Stock, Please Try Later.

 Access Area [ More ]
 Access Area  Phone  Access Area  Phone
 Newark  973-855-3554  USA  1-800-329-9599
 Washington DC  202-559-6534   

 Detail Rate After Discount [ More ]
 Call To  Basic Rate  Toll Free  Call To  Basic Rate  Toll Free
 Canada  1.2¢ / 876  4.1¢ / 246  China  1.3¢ / 790  4.3¢ / 239
 HongKong  1.6¢ / 636  4.6¢ / 222  Taiwan  2.6¢ / 400  5.5¢ / 184
 USA  1.5¢ / 700  4.4¢ / 230    

  1.Dial Access Number
2.Enter your PIN number
(If you combined already, you don't need enter pin again)
3.To call the North America:
Enter 1 + area code +phone No+#
To call other country:
Enter 011 + country code + city code + phone No+#

How to get PINless and recharge the PIN?

1 . Dial the activation number 1-800-920-2940

2 . to setup a new phone no. press 1, to remove the phone no. press 2, add additional phone no. press 3, to recharge press 4

Recharge before expiry date ensuring unused funds carry over.

IMPORTANT: When calling from a cell phone using a phone card, DO NOT press "Send" or "Talk" key after entering your destination phone number. We recommend our customers to cancel international service with your cellular phone or local phone carrier.

If your cell phone has "free domestic long distance across the US" plan, you can use any local access no.

  Before you use any local access number, CHECK WITH YOUR lOCAL TELEPHON SERVICE PROVIDER TO ENSURE that NO TOLL CHARGES are associated with calls to that local access number.
Rates subject to change without notice.
Calls terminating at wireless receivers may be charged a higher price.
Payphone surcharge may apply. Some schools' dormitory phone or office phone are identified as payphone. Usually phone in hotel, motel, inn are identified as payphone.
A disconnection may occur due to the quality of certain celluar or telephone networks beyond our control.
  Expire180 days after first use
 Calling Card Quality Service Hotline
 Online Support System
  If you have problem to use our website, place the order, receive the E-mail, open the encrypted email, please visit our Online Support System, or please send email to Service Hot Mail

If you forget the password for encrypted PIN E-Mail, simply go to Order History, enter your user name and password to get the PINs.


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